December 31, 2011

"Waters, Teresa!"

The worst part about the last name 'Waters' is probably that Teresa is usually the last or one of the last people in just about anything; but it fit her somehow. It worked.

Teresa looked at her friend Alim. He had been sorted into Ravenclaw towards the beginning, because his last name was Acer. He gave her a thumbs-up. Teresa nodded curtly and took her seat at the front of the Great Hall. The Sorting Hat was placed on her head.

"Hmmm..." The Sorting Hat's voice seemed to be inside Teresa's head. Weird.

"You are very brave and noble," the Sorting Hat said. "Yet you are also extremely clever. Wow, that's a lot of studying before even beginning school... but... oh, how interesting. You have a notable dark side, a thirst for the knowledge of evil, not being evil. Oh, you are very difficult...."

Teresa stole a glance at Alim as she waited in anticipation. He was talking to another student at the Ravenclaw table, the one who had been sorted just after him. Catching his eye, he smiled at her.


Teresa flinched. She hadn't been concentrating. The Great Hall burst into cheers.

Teresa stood up and walked to the Gryffindor table. She sat toward the back next to a girl with chocolate-brown hair and hazel eyes. "Hello," the girl said. "I'm Klaire Longbow. Third year."

"Teresa," Teresa answered, gazing at the Ravenclaw boys. She had to find out the other one's name from Alim; but that could wait. It was time to eat.

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