March 9, 2015

The only thing she registered was herself. Dark circles. Expressionless. Lifeless black eyes, but standing tall. Hair disheveled. Knife in hand.

"I am worthless." She spoke, the rest of her body still. "Look at me. Look at the piece of shit I've become."

Her scared eyes met her deadened ones.

"Always lies and secrets. Always trapped in darkness. Never good enough for love. Never able to take care of those around me. And I think I'd be a good mother?" The knife twitched in her hand.

She looked for a way out- a door, a window, anything. But it was just her, and herself. Was she a boggart? Was she going mad?

"And all my guilt- I can't get rid of it. I was so wrong, and I can never change that. If love is doing what is best for the other, it's best if I don't burden him any longer." She lifted the blade of the knife to her wrist.

She was rooted to the spot. She tried to beat back the fear so the boggart would have nothing to feed on- if that's what it was. She was having trouble thinking straight.

She pressed the blade into her wrist. Blood spurted down her hand and splashed onto the ground. She fell, her face close to hers. She stared with her deadened gaze, saying nothing, until her eyes rolled back in her head and she was still.