February 18, 2015
IC Date: December 2, 2023

She sat on the couch, carefully holding something small in her hand, waiting for Ferlen to return home from the gym.
He would come in and give Teresa a smile. "Hey. Feeling better today?"
She nodded, giving him a genuine smile. "Yes, I am."
He would smile at her. "Good. I was going to go get a shower...did you need me for something?"
"I just have something to show you," she answered, still carefully holding something tiny, concealing it with both hands.
He would look intrigued. "Oh? What's that?"
"Sit down, close your eyes, and hold out your hand."
He would give her a look, then sit down, close his eyes and hold out his hand.
She deposited a poppy seed into his palm. "You can open them now."
He would open his eyes, looking down at it. He would give her a confused look.
Her gaze held excitement, and she was grinning from ear-to-ear. "That's how small our child is right now."
The look of confusion would slowly morph into a smile. "You mean...?" He would move over to her, wrapping her in his arms.
"I'm pregnant," she confirmed.
He would sit down beside her, holding her tight, his mind racing to everything that they would need to do...that would be changing in their lives. It was almost overwhelming.
She gave a soft laugh and kissed his cheek, wrapping her arms around him. Ferlen would be a father... she would be a mother. She let her emotions run wild, unable to stop grinning.
Echo sat at the doorway, gave a satisfied nod, and walked out of the room.
After a minute or two, he would look at her a bit unsure. "So...what's next?"
"Now, we both need a shower," she said, wrinkling her nose with a playful grin.
He would smile, and give a soft laugh. "Sounds like a plan."
"I know there's a lot that has to be done... but we've got roughly nine months to figure it out," she said with a smile.
He would nod. "I'm sure they'll be plunty of time to worry later too. For right now, we can just enjoy the moment."
She nodded and smiled, still holding him as she leaned her head against his shoulder, looking up at him and hardly noticing the smell of sweat.
He would smile back at her. "So...ready for that shower?"
Her eyes sparkled as she nodded and stood up.

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