• Echostar

    My Reponse to the Ban

    September 26, 2015 by Echostar

    "Dear Echo, given the ongoing issues, above all with Teresa Black, the Bcrats have voted 2-1 to ask you to take a six-week break from DARP, starting Monday Sept. 28. This is because your involvement of late has led to numerous difficulties, and you said originally that you would let the matter rest until November OOC. As this is a Bcrat-imposed absence, your status as an RB will not be affected, and when you return on November 8 we can discuss Teresa's future and fate. I wanted to put it this way because bans are normally for those who work to sabotage the wiki and aggressively ignore multiple warnings, which I hope and feel is not the case here. Your determination to constantly return to this subject, however, is making it hard for CK and…

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